MAC Lipstick Collection (+ Swatches!)

To be honest with you, I was never really a fan of makeup before modeling. It was one of those things that was pretty to look at, but never something I personally wanted to collect.
Fast forward to today, makeup has literally become my source of happiness. I LOVE looking at it, using it, and collecting it.

Here are my MAC lipsticks which I’ve collected over the years through MAC jobs, personal purchases, and gifts. You will see how the colors look on my lips, and what they look like when swatched on my arms.
*Note that I have an olive skin color with a yellow undertone. 😉
Hope this helps you in your future MAC lipstick purchases, and I hope you enjoy!

(I) My Everyday Lipsticks

These lipsticks are nudes that are easy to wear. Whenever I don’t want to think about what lip color to wear that day, I just pick from one of these. They are fail-proof and they go with almost any (or no) eye makeup!


Myth (Satin)
Believe it or not, this was the VERY FIRST MAC LIPSTICK I ever owned/bought! I got it because of YouTube’s Elle Fowler (but then I realized I am tan and she is fair, lol). It was when pure nude lipsticks were all the rage. Whenever I put it on alone though, it washes me out so I either mix it with other lipsticks when I want to desaturate a certain color, or I use it as a base for other lipstick colors to pop out more.

Jubilee (Lustre)
Don’t get intimidated by the color on the tube! It looks really brown but when you put it on, it’s a very subtle brown-nude with a slight shine. Lustre lipsticks are always lighter than they look vs. when applied!

Peach Blossom (Cremesheen)
As you can see from the first photo, this lipstick has been so overused it’s almost out. It’s the perfect pinky nude with a sheen. Perfect for everyday.

Shanghai Spice (Cremesheen)
This is a sheen nude with coral tones. Definitely complements warmer skin tones like mine!


Blankety (Amplified)
Amplified is one of my favorite lipstick formulas because what you see on the tube is literally what you get. This was actually a gift from one of my makeup artist friends (thanks Gery! haha). This is a pale-nude than can look a little gray when I’m darker than usual.

Velvet Teddy (Matte)
My current FAVE! It is a brown-nude lipstick with hints of pink. The formula doesn’t dry my lips out even if it’s matte!

Fast Play (Amplified)
I wear this when I want a more saturated lip color. It is great for both day and night. It’s a very subtle pink-berry that is really pigmented when applied.


Spirit (Satin)
That perfect 90s-brown lipstick color! Super creamy when applied because of its’ satin formula.

Kinda Sexy (Matte)
Highly-pigmented peachy nude. One of my favorites as well.

Please Me (Matte)
Highly-pigmented pink, but not overwhelmingly bright. It can still be worn for everyday without being too crazy.

(II) Pinks and Brights

Pinks and Brights1.jpg

The first few lipsticks I’ll show you are still wearable, but they are more on the pinks and corals, rather than nudes. The latter lipsticks are for when you want to spice up your lip color a little bit!

Pinks Swatches.jpg


Pink Pearl of Pop (Cremesheen)
This is a pink lipstick that’s very light due to the Cremesheen formula.

Sunny Seoul (Cremesheen)
Very similar to Pink Pearl of Pop, it just has more of a peachy-pink tone.

Coral Bliss (Cremesheen)
Another everyday lipstick when you feel like wearing the perfect coral with a sheen.

Lovelorn (Lustre)
Pink with a slight blue/purple undertone.


Pink Nouveau (Satin)
Highly pigmented pink that is brighter than Please Me.

Snapdragon (Lustre)
Again, the tube looks crazy, but when you put it on it’s a bright pink that is still quite wearable.

Morange (Amplified)
Now this is when you want to rock a very orange lip. Amplified is awesome as always.


Flat Out Fabulous (Retro Matte)
This is my perfect magenta. It stays in the lips even after so many hours, and it brightens the color of my face.

Lustering (Lustre)
Darker than a pink, but lighter than a red. Perfect for when you can’t decide between the two colors!

Zen Rose (Sheen Supreme)
A magenta with some shine, but still highly pigmented and easier to apply than a Matte lipstick.

(III) Deep and Dark


Darks swatches.jpg


D for Danger (Matte)
This is a matte red that has a some berry tones in it. Really great for a night look!

Russian Red (Matte)
I’m sure everyone knows about this shade. This is the perfect red lipstick.

Plumful (Lustre)
I wear this when I want a wearble purple on my lips. Since it’s a Lustre, it’s really easy to apply.


Up The Amp (Amplified)
This is also one of my favorite lipsticks just because it’s so different. It’s a bright bluish-purple but somehow, it works well on my skin tone.

Diva (Matte)
This is my go-to dark berry color. When I want more red tones, I just choose D for Danger instead.


So those were all my MAC lipsticks at the moment. Makeup is really a very personal thing. Not all the shades I like will be liked by others, so it’s really important to find the lipsticks that best work for you!
Hit me up if you have any comments or questions.

Thanks for making it this far. Until next time! 😉



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