3 Days in Seoul with The Face Shop

Last December 14, I was luckily flown by The Face Shop Philippines to Seoul, for a 3-day workshop as they introduced their latest product ranges coming this 2017. It was perfect because I really wanted to visit Korea this Christmas but due to some circumstances I couldn’t do so. I haven’t been to Korea in almost 2 years so it almost seemed foreign to me again!

Traveling to the same place always feels new and different because of the changes caused by time and the people you spend it with.


Christmas lights greeted us at our hotel in Myeong Dong

Day 1: Food and Shopping in Myeong Dong

We arrived early evening on the 14th of December, so we pretty much had the night free to ourselves. Since we were a few minutes’ walk away from Myeong Dong, the busy shopping and food haven of Seoul, we decided to start our shopping and eat lots and lots of street food!

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Yummmm POTATO!
Amazing view from our hotel room

Day 2: Product Introduction and Make-up Workshops

On the second day, we woke up early as we had a full day ahead. The Face Shop products were introduced to us in the morning, and we had a chance to learn K-beauty makeup techniques from celebrity makeup artist Mr. Kim Seung Won.

Miracle Cushions
Moisture Touch Lipsticks, Yehwadam Skincare, Dr. Belmeur Skincare
My roomie Chelsea! ❤
Fancy schmancy lunch
MMM steak!
Mr. Kim Seung Won teaching us how to achieve that K-beauty look!

For Korean makeup, less is always more. They always try to achieve a more youthful, cute-sy look.

Instead of layering more makeup, Koreans like to layer skincare and apply as little makeup as possible:
FACE: very light BB cream/foundation, concealer (if needed)
BROWS: no-arch straight eyebrows for a youthful look using minimal eyebrow pencil and brow mascara
EYES: eyeshadow close to the lid (not all over), mascara, liquid liner
CHEEKS: pinky blush on the apples of your cheeks, NO contour
LIPS: gradient lips are still in! Apply BB cushion all over the lips, then apply your lipstick of choice in the center of your lips. Blend outwards to get a natural lip-gradient look

The finished look!

After the day’s activities we headed over to Itaewon to a restaurant called Maple. Korean barbeque night it was!

MORE FOOD after the workshops!

Day 3: Finding Our Personal Color, Herb Tea Making, and Soap Making Classes

Ms. Ji-yeon Lee, professional image consultant

Our third and last day (*sobs*).

All along I thought that I had a warm-toned skin, but upon the professional color-test done by Ms. Ji-yeon on me, she mentioned that I am actually cool-toned!

Colors that go well with warm-toned skin vs cool-toned skin

This meant that the colors on the right go well against my skin, vs the colors that you see on the left. She says that it’s important to know your personal color to make better color choices that will make you look the best that you can. Choosing your personal color can be applied to the color of your clothes, your hair, and your makeup.

Personally, I still love wearing warm-toned eyeshadows, but maybe I’ll make a little more effort now to try and incorporate cooler-toned makeup once in a while.

Herb tea-making time as shown by Tea Coordinator Ms. Bo-eun Lim
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How pretty is the set-up for our tea making?

We were taught the proper etiquette of making and serving tea using Korean traditional herbs that were used to make the Yehwadam skincare line! I’m a little too clumsy for this but I tried! haha.

I call this the Yehwadam mocktail: Milkis soda + cherry blossom syrup + ginseng tea! So good for you!

Next up: soap making!

Soap making led by handcraft artist Ms. Ko-woon Lee

Right after making the soap (which was super fun), we had to rush to the airport as we had to catch our evening flight.

Seoul’s sunset waving goodbye
Bye Seoul! It’s been real

It’s been such a busy 3 days with The Face Shop but it was great fun!

Thank you again The Face Shop Ph for flying us out to learn the tricks of Korean makeup, have soooo much good food, and see Seoul in a different light!



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