Gigi Hadid Jetsetter Palette Review

When I first found out that Gigi Hadid was going to launch her own makeup line with Maybelline New York, I was honestly a little bit skeptical. There have already been so many celebrity collabs with makeup brands lately that I wondered if anyone else can top Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, among others. Here is my first-hand (honest) scoop on her Jetsetter Palette!




The palette itself comes with a holographic sleeve. TheΒ packaging is a nice light blush color with a matte finish. The mirror is really big, but the palette might be a little too bulky to travel with (unless it’s really worth bringing everywhere). The palette color and the brushes that come with it reminds me of Kim Kardashian’s KKW line. I’m personally a fan of the color choice though.

This palette comes with the ff:
2 concealer shades
2 lip balm shades
1 shimmery eye shadow, 3 matte eyeshadows
1 blush, 1 contour shade, 1 highlighter
1 travel-size mascara
1 dual-ended eyeshadow brush, 1 mini powder brush

At first glance all the shades in the palette seem wearable, but I was personally not a fan of the eyeshadow colors in the palette (the colors are either super light or super dark, no in-between crease shades).



First up, the CONCEALERS:

It comes with 2 shades – one that is too light for my skin, and the other that’s too dark. I’m an NC35 in MAC and there seemed to be no shade perfect for my tone in the palette. I know that you could mix the shades, but *ain’t nobody got time for that* lol! I’d rather carry 1 perfect shade with me rather than stress myself in mixing two shades all the time.

The concealer itself was really thin – it doesn’t seem to be that good in terms of coverage.


The lip balms came in two shades. I was a little bit excited to try the Nude shade because it looked so pretty, but it turned out too light for my skin. The color of the Pink shade was really nice though.

The formula is not thick at all, so it might moisturize the lips but only for a very short time. I wouldn’t rely on these lip balms alone (Carmex is life).





Don’t even bother with the blush brush. It’s so synthetic that it feels very stiff and horrible on the skin. It doesn’t pick-up product well either.

The dual-ended eyeshadow brush is pretty decent though – especially the blending brush! It’s not bad.



The eyeshadows were very chalky apart from the highlighter shade. SO. MUCH. FALLOUT.

The base shade is a very cool-toned pink that didn’t suit my skin (I looked dead). The crease and liner shades might be more complimentary to wider skin tones, and I am more willing to work with these shades than the others.

The highlighter eyeshadow is the best among the four shades. It’s buttery and the pigment is great. Great for topping up the other shadows, or for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.



It was a difficult for me to apply the blush shade because the product was so narrowly placed in the palette. I would’ve imagined the blush to take up more space than the highlighter, but it didn’t! It was so easy to accidentally have some contour shade in your brush while trying to get the blush product on.

The blush was too pink for my liking, but the contour shade color is not bad.

In terms of formulas, the blush and contour shades were also very chalky like the eyeshadows. One thing I can say though is that despite being chalky, the shades were very pigmented.Β  A little tap with a brush is already a lot. I’m not 100% confident about its lasting power though. Upon application, the product seems to just sit on top of the skin.


As for the highlighter – I LOVE IT. I think this is the best product that the palette has. I would totally wear the highlighter because it’s so buttery, and the shade is gorgeous! It’s comparable to Urban Decay’s highlighters (with slightly more visible glitter specks).


I was very disappointed with the matte powder products – eyeshadows, blush, and bronzer. Too chalky and not easy to pick-up. Definitely not going to be reaching for those in the palette.

Look at this fallout!

One thing I love though is the mini Colossal mascara! Will be carrying this around in my bag for mascara touch-ups.


Another favorite from the palette is the highlighter of course! It gave me the perfect glow to my skin. I applied it with a Real Techniques brush.

But would I really be carrying the whole palette just to use this highlighter? Maybe not. I have a travel-sized Becca that’s 1/8 the size of the palette and does the job for me.




So is this palette worth your $29.99?

If you’re a die-hard Gigi Hadid fan who wants to support her new endeavor, maybe yes.

Otherwise, don’t waste your money! The standout products in the palette are not enough to spend almost $30 on.

The packaging gave me slightly higher hopes but I was a little bit disappointed with the products inside. It’s pretty to look at though (and that mirror is huge!).


What did you think of this palette? Were you a fan, or did you have the same thoughts as me? Let me know below. πŸ˜‰




Lash Primer Battle: Benefit VS JCat


Before anything, I want to tell you guys that I. HAVE. NO. LASHES. HAHA

Okay, I’m exaggerating. But really, I barely have any lashes! Putting a mascara alone isn’t enough to open up my eyes, so I swear by a good lash primer.

My holy grail lash primer is Lancome’s Cils Booster XL Super-Enhancing Macara Base ($25.50) . It’s in my May Wishlist. But I always love to try new products (and find more afforadable dupes), so here I am testing two lash primers: the Benefit They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer ($24) VS the JCat Lash Primer Mascara ($5.99 !!!).


APPLIED: Benefit They’re Real Primer

On this eye, I applied Benefit’s Lash Primer. Since it’s tinted, it didn’t leave any white fiber on my lashes. It wasn’t clumpy at all. But I couldn’t tell from the primer alone if it was going to volumize my lashes after mascara.

APPLIED: JCat Primer

On this eye, I applied JCat’s Lash Primer. The product left a pretty clumpy amount of fiber once applied, but it seemed more volumizing than the Benefit one. When it dries, it stays white.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Showing you a before and after photo looking at the camera, and looking down. πŸ˜‰
The primer definitely volumized and lengthened my lashes, though it looked a little clumpy after. Nothing a lash comb can’t fix though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the JCat Primer, my mascara applied with almost no clumps! It lengthened my lashes to a great extent. The effect of the primer looked more subtle than the Benefit primer.


Left: Benefit; Right: JCat

The JCat primer was definitely more lengthening, and the Benefit primer was more volumizing.

Left: Benefit; Right: JCat

You can tell here that the Jcat side is longer than the Benefit side. The JCat side is also less clumpy. Not bad at all for such an affordable price!

Although not that noticeable, the JCat side wasn’t as black as the Benefit side (maybe it’s because of the white cast from the primer). If you like your lashes to be extra BLACK, then this specific JCat primer isn’t for you (they have other non-white primers too though).

In terms of removing the mascara and primer, Benefit was easier to take off. The JCat primer was more difficult to remove as it stuck to my lashes more. Also, when you remove the mascara from your JCat primer, there are still white fibers stuck to it! Just use a good oil-based remover to make the process easier.


I like the effect of the JCat lash primer more because it’s less clumpy and it makes my lashes look really long!
It retails for $5.99 only so you can’t go wrong with that!


What’s YOUR favorite lash primer? Let me know in the comments below!


Slimming Services Review: Big Day Slim

BDS Machines.jpg

This is my very first time to try a slimming service so I was quite excited, to be honest!

The Big Day Slim is a non-invasive slimming service company that will help you get ready for your Big Day – be it a wedding, a debut, or a trip to the beach – at the comfort of your own home. They claim to help you lose inches off your waist, thighs, abdomen, and arms.

I’ve tried both their Lipocavitation and Radiofrequency services on my arms and thighs, to see which is better for me. Read on below to see my review! πŸ˜‰

Lipocavitation Slimming Service


This service uses ultrasonic waves to melt stubborn fat. They say that the body will continue to burn fat even after the day of the treatment.

Cost: Php 1,700 for abdomen; Php 1,700 for thighsTime: 40 minutes each body part

My Experience:
Apparently, this service melts fat but doesn’t tighten.
They first apply a clear cream on your body, then the pulse starts to beep constantly for 30-40 minutes. I found this slightly irritating to my ears but I was able to complete the session since there was no pain at all.

Result: lost 0.5 in off my waist and thighs, respectively

Radiofrequency Cream.JPG
Radiofrequency Service (and a little cameo from my dog! haha)


This service uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells. It has the added benefit of cellulite reduction and collagen production on top of inches lost. They recommend doing this 2 weeks prior to your big day.

Cost: Php 1,300 for abdomen; Php 1,300 for thighs (cheaper than the Lipocavitation!)

Time: 40 minutes each body part

My Experience:
The therapist will first apply a white cream, and the knob will be massaged in a circular motion against your skin. It it slightly warm to touch in the beginning, but I found it quite relaxing after a few minutes. It may be slightly painful to others but you can always ask the therapist to adjust the pulse frequency according to your preference.
After the treatment, my stomach and legs were slightly red from the vibrations.

Result: lost 0.5 in off my waist. (same as lipocavitation)

Radiofrequency Handle.JPG
Radiofrequency on my abdomen
Radiofrequency thighs.JPG
Radiofrequency on my thighs

Along with the slimming treatments, you can bundle pampering services too! I personally included foot spa service to my treatment (I love a good foot spa).

Foot Spa.JPG

Overall, I prefer the Radiofrequency treatment, but I can say that both services were effective!

Check out their website at for more info on their services!