EMPTIES I: Skincare

One of the best feelings in the world (for me at least lol) is to COMPLETELY use up a product – be it for makeup, shampoos, or skincare products. I love feeling like I made use of a product to its last drop. Anyone else share the same sentiments? ;D

Throughout this whole year I’ve taken photos of products I have finished up before I threw them out. This was like a way to say “thanks and goodbye” to the products I’ve used up! Here they are divided into specific steps in my skincare routine. Continue reading “EMPTIES I: Skincare”


Ole Henriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel Review

I know that it’s been a minute since I last had a blog post, but life happened, and now I’m back! 😉

I recently just moved to New York and I joined an online beauty community called Octoly. Through them, I received this new eye cream I chose from Ole Henriksen. I was so drawn to the product claims and I got so excited to receive it in the mail! Continue reading “Ole Henriksen Uplifting Transformation Eye Gel Review”

New York Winter Skincare Routine (Day-Night!)

Two months into New York winter and I’m proud to say my skin is still doing great! Winter has been on and off here. Some days are a lot warmer (like Spring), some days, the temperature is negative. It’s always best to prepare your skin for sudden changes in weather!

If there really is anything I can’t live without when we talk about beauty, it’s skincare (yes, more than makeup *gasp*). I love how skincare products can refresh you in the morning, and relax you before bed at night.

I change up the products I use quite often depending on the climate and on my mood (lol), but for the most part, the steps you see below are pretty much what I follow everyday. Read on to see my day and night skincare routine in New York! I’ve marked in PINK my holy grail/favorite products 😉 Continue reading “New York Winter Skincare Routine (Day-Night!)”

Korean Skincare: The Face Shop’s Yehwadam and Dr. Belmeur Lines

The Face Shop’s Yehwadam Line: coming out January 2017 in Manila
The Face Shop’s Dr. Belmeur Line: coming out April 2017 in Manila

If you think that Korean skincare products can’t get any better, you have it wrong! The Face Shop Korea just came out with their latest skincare lines called Yehwadam and Dr. Belmeur. Continue reading “Korean Skincare: The Face Shop’s Yehwadam and Dr. Belmeur Lines”